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Tours in Cusco and Machu Picchu
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The present conditions of purchase apply to the services proposed on this Site. Our Agency as well as the traveler commit to respect them if he/she chooses our services. It is entirely up to the traveler to read, understand and accept these conditions and every on-line reservation implies the acceptance of the present conditions. Our Agency shall not be considered responsible if the traveler ignores or misinterpret our conditions. These conditions may vary without prior notice.


All prices are expressed in a specific currency chosen by the customer from a list that can be modified and they are subject to change without prior notice. They can also be expressed in other currencies for information only. In this case, the amount indicated is only an estimation based on an average and rounded up exchange rate. The only valid prices are those indicated in the currency of payment.

Changes after the reservation

When making a reservation request, the traveler gives a series of information such as the date of the tour, his name, etc. After the payment of the reservation on-line, some information can be changed, other no:

Required documents

For every reservation, the Ministry of Culture Cusco requires that every traveler must communicate his name, age or date of birth and his passport number or a National Identity Document (one or the other called below document) for Peruvians (DNI) or for people from countries on the border areas which have an agreement with Peru. Any other document is not accepted because it would be rejected by the authorities. The same document is required before the beginning of the tour to avoid identity theft. The traveler is committed to bring his document the day of the tour and to make sure it matches the one used during the reservation. In order to avoid any problem, we ask traveler to make a copy of the document used to reserve and to keep it until the day of the tour.


The itineraries are planned with great care, although, for operational or practical reasons, it may be necessary to change the sequence of activities or the specified route. Even if such cases are rare, in general the itinerary should be treated only as a basic guideline.

Cancellations and Refunds

On this Site, the payment of a booking is made in 2 parts: a deposit when booking and a balance paid in Cusco in cash before the tour.

The deposit is a non-refundable fixed amount, clearly indicated when paying. It serves to secure the tour and the entrances. This deposit is not subject to any change, cancelation or refund, under any circumstance.

The balance is paid in cash or by Visa credit card (+ 6% fees) at our Agency in Cusco, before the beginning of the tour. After paying the balance, it is not subject to any change, cancelation or refund, under any circumstance.

If, for any reason, the traveler wishes to cancel a reservation before arriving in Cusco, he should do so through the cancellation forms available on this Site. Cancellation requests will be processed immediately. No refunds of the deposit applies, as indicated above.

If when arriving in Cusco the traveler decides not to do the tour, it is enough not to pay the balance and cancel the reservation. No refunds of the deposit applies, as indicated above.

If the traveler doesn’t arrive in Cusco in time, doesn’t contact the Site or the Agency and doesn’t show up to pay the balance, not even the night before the tour, it will be considered a no show and the tour will be automatically cancelled. No refunds apply. No ulterior complaints will be accepted.

Impossibility to make the reservation

During the reservation request made on-line, the client must give complete and real information in order to let us make the reservation. If, after the payment, this information prevents us from making the reservations, we will try to solve the problem with the client. If, despite all the efforts, it is impossible to make the reservation, we will make a full refund minus 20% penalty for banking and administrative fees. For example, if someone paid by mistake for a student or child rate and refuses to pay the difference.

Payment terms

All requested services are subject to the on-line payment of a non-refundable deposit. It is not possible to pay the deposito in other way than the electronic payment online. Our system accepts the credit cards indicated when paying and they are the only accepted cards. Personal checks, phone orders, wire transfers and any other payment method are not accepted.

The balance must be paid in person, directly at our Agency in Cusco, in cash in US Dollars or Peruvian Soles at the exchange rate of the day, before the beginning of the services. Other payment methods are subject to an 6% charge (PayPal or Visa). For obvious reasons, we don't accept partial payments and/or after the tour.

Optional services

Our services include everything as described on our pages. Nevertheless, the customer has the possibility to take additional services, such as hiring a private accomanying guide or an extra night accommodation. Prices of such services will be clearly indicated in the purchase form and the customer will not ask for a separate refund of these additional services before or during the tour. Once in Cusco, the customer can ask for these services and pay for them directly at the Agency, but this is not recommended because they are subject to availability.


If the customer considers necessary to make a complaint about our services once they are finished, he will be able to do so during a 90-day period beginning the day of the end of our services. Only our agency will be able to accept the legitimacy of the complaint and possibly find a solution directly with the client. After this 90-day period, no complaints of any nature will be accepted.

We don't have a "If you find lower prices, we refund the difference" policy. For many reasons, our Agency or others can apply a price variation from one traveler to another, even for the same service and in the same group. Under no circumstances the client may ask for a partial or total refund under the pretext of having paid more than another traveler or having seen it cheaper. Our prices are clearly published on our pages and it is up to the client to judge them and compare them before reserving. The act of reserving with published prices leads to their acceptance. To summarize, no complaint about our prices can be made.


In all travel arrangements we act on behalf of and with the authorization of our customers, organizing on their behalf and name the transport means, accommodation or other required tourist services. We can thus not assume any responsibility in case of accident, losses, delays or interferences with the tour for reasons of acts of God or other acts that do not involve our responsibility, especially regarding programs and schedules.